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36 Hours in New York

36 Hours in New York

Chris and I took a trip sans kids last weekend… which was our first trip without kids… ever! Hurricane Dorian was quickly approaching, and we decided to get the boys a front row seat in Fort Lauderdale, while we skipped off to New York City for a quick minute. It was supposed to be longer… but saving out little one’s from a category 5 hurricane just seemed like the right thing to do, so we only spent 36 hours in NYC… which ended up being just the right amount of time.

We landed in NYC on Friday afternoon, took a cab into the city, and checked into our FABULOUS hotel at The New York EDITION. We quickly got ready for our dinner reservations, hopped back in a cab and headed to Per Se. The food here was incredible, and lived up to the Thomas Keller name, without a doubt. The tuna was the best I’ve ever had in my life… and the ice cream at the end was perfection. However, and this is my one but… they need a new interior designer. I think Chris put it best when he said it looked liked we were eating at the club as opposed to one of the top rated restaurants in the world. Call us snobby… cause we are… but just a quick heads up if you ever venture over here. The food with the ambiance, didn’t exactly match… but if you’re strictly all about food… then this restaurant will not disappoint.

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After we left Per Se, we were feeling like the young kids we are ;) and headed over to Gramercy Tavern for a drink. This gem is always hopping (I feel like I just turned grandma status by using the word ‘hopping’ but it felt right) and the food (from a previous NYC trip) is delicious. We ended the night walking the 4 blocks back to our hotel and passing out without having to check on the kids when we got home… basically living our best life!

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I forgot to mention this earlier, but on the way up to NYC, I got myself a lovely sinus infection. I was already on antibiotics from another sickness earlier in the week, but I still wasn’t feeling my best. With that being said, I REALLY wanted to run the Brooklyn Bridge Saturday morning when we woke up… but my entire body was telling me this probably wasn’t the best idea, but my mind was like “Get your sick booty up and get to it… when will you be in NYC next to do this?? Yeah, that’s what I thought… get moving mama”. So we did just that!

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Chris and I hopped in a cab, which was silly in retrospect cause the subway would have been faster, but what was cool is that he dropped us off right at the Oculus which is the new World Trade Center Transportation Hub, and I can’t even begin to describe how beautiful this building was… Santiago Calatrava is a genius, and though this wasn’t planned, I’m grateful we stumbled upon it.

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We made our way to where the walking path for Brooklyn Bridge starts, and took a quick pic and then we were off… Chris leading the way… cause he fast… and we met up after. This was the highlight of the trip for me… the run back from Brooklyn to New York was the best. The skyline was amazing, and I’m always in awe by how crazy beautiful this city is. Checked one off the Bucket List and made our way to the subway to head back north and get ready for lunch.

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Dinner the night before was so goooood… BUT… THIS LUNCH… the next day was AMAZING! Eleven Madison Park is where God goes to reward himself for all the hard work he’s done… cause this place is a little slice of heaven topped with the most perfect dollop of caviar.

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Fortunately, for this forever late couple, the restaurant was right across the street from The Edition… so we were on time for the first time in forever. If you ever have the opportunity to visit this restaurant, please order the duck… it’s what they are known for and will undoubtedly change your life. The kitchen tour after was amazing, and the operation they have established is remarkable. I don’t care what business you’re in, everyone should take a tour to just understand how they have nailed operational efficiency… and see all the hanging ducks too. ;)

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We left our fabulous lunch, went back to the hotel, changed, then took the subway down to SoHo…. it was time for mama to go shopping! We walked, shopped, ate, and wrapped up our evening licking gelato and buying cheap taxi toys for boys in Little Italy.

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This trip was everything… everything we needed as couple… as parents… and as individuals. Though our trip was cut short, we did all the things we wanted to do and then some… best 36 hours in New York City… ever!

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Rainy Day Activity

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