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July 4th Weekend Bucket List

July 4th Weekend Bucket List

Happy almost July 4th Loves! The Durig Family is getting pretty effing excited about the 4 day weekend ahead! So much so, I put together a little family weekend bucket list for this weekends festivities. Enjoy!

  1. Hit Up the Pool

  2. Eat Firecracker Popsicles

  3. Dine Outside

  4. Eat a Hot Dog or Hamburger.. but probably a hot dog :)

  5. Slice Up a Watermelon

  6. Light Off Fireworks

  7. Watch Fireworks on the Porch

  8. Go for a Neighborhood Walk

  9. Make a Stars & Stripes Treat

  10. Watch Independence Day… duh :)

July 4th Weekend Bucket List.jpg
The Perfect Medium Boiled Egg

The Perfect Medium Boiled Egg

July Giveaway!

July Giveaway!