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The Durig Boys Must-Have Books

The Durig Boys Must-Have Books

As a born and raised Curry, I innately have hard opinions about children books… like very hard. If it doesn’t have a good rhyme, excellent illustrations, or a good story line… we just need to put it down and start over. To be clear, I am no literary genius by any means… but I truly enjoy reading to my kids and reading for myself in fact.

Additionally, I don’t want to waste anyone’s time with books that have no meaning or impact. If you’re taking the time to read, make it worth it… and there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy their books as much as they do. Lastly, I just have a very difficult time enjoying a book about finding a baby’s belly button (I mean, it’s right there for Christ’s sake). So, I put together the Durig Boys Must-Have Book List… that is enjoyed by both them and yours truly ;)

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  1. The Adventures of Beekle: the Unimaginry Friend | This book my friends.. this book. I can recite this book from front to back from memory. I’m not sure what I love more… the story, the colors, the imagination it took to come up with this book… but it is hands down my favorite. I used to read this in the dark when Brooks was trying to fall asleep. Maybe it was the rhythm, or the way the story told itself, but it always soothed him. Not going to lie, there’s a point where you wonder if Beekle is going to make it, and it gets sad, but I promise it all turns out ok, it always does.

  2. Tikki Tikki Tembo | If you purchase this book, do not judge me or my family. This book was read to me countles times as child, and I aboslutely love it. Warning, it stays true to Chinese culture, where the first and honored son is revered… well, for being born first, while the second… not so much. The first born’s full name is so fun to say, you’ll be saying it aloud over and over again once you get it… promise ;)

  3. This is Not My Hat | This book… THIS BOOK! My sister is to thank for this gem in our library and I’m forever grateful for this gift. This story is so simple, but so complex… and the lesson learned/taught is priceless. A little fish steals a hat… and the justification for doing so is… well… not worth doing. I’m not sure if my boys “get” the ending just yet, but I’m probably not giving them enough credit. I won’t say anymore, but you can tell by our binding… it’s read almost every night. This book is not for everyone, and if you aren’t the type of parents who wants to explain stories to your children, then steer clear. But if you are the type of parent who enjoys explaining the meaning of things both good and bad, then click the link to order :)

  4. Oh, The Places You’ll Go | I mean a reading list isn’t complete without an appearance from the Doctor himself. Both my babes loves this book… and I’m not sure if it’s the funny way I read it, or the funny sounding words, or the colorful illustrations… or that fact that it wraps of all of lifespan's ups and downs in one simple yet so meangiful book that make sit a fan favorite, but it will forever be on our shelf. No one is too old to be story by the Dr… no one.

  5. The Digger and the Flower | Brooks and I adore this books for two different reasons. Brooks loves the trucks, and I love that a very “masculine” character can have such a soft side. Every time Brooks and I read this story, there is a part where the Digger gets very sad and starts to cry, and without skipping a beat Brooks will say “Aweeee”in his saddest voice. I want Brooks to know it’s OK to be sad, or happy, or anything for that matter. Every emotion he feels is validated in someway, and expressing them… whether you be a girl or a boy… is completely ok to do so… and this book reiterates just that.

  6. Little Big Girl | Ready for a cute story with the best illustrations??? I remember the first time I read this story, but even more so the second time I read this story. I went back to look at the sketches in each page because I realized what I had missed after reading it once. Both Brooks and Knox love this book! t’s not too long and not too short, but the images are what keep them both coming back for more :)

  7. The Polar Express | If you like Christmas and trains… boy do I have the book for you. Parenting Tip, reading books outside the holiday “window” is a nice little reminder that Santa is always checking his list… you’re welcome!

  8. Where the Wild things Are | I know having this book on our must-have list is so basic, but sometimes we just need to give it up to the classics… cause that’s exactly what they are… classic. My FAVORITE part of this book is the “rumpus” and how I’ll recite the word “rumpus, rumpus, rumpus” on the following pages… cause that’s what those will things are doing… haha

  9. The Spooky Express Florida | My son loves two things… trains and Halloween! And I love Florida… and well.. having trains, hallowed, and all things Florida in one book makes this the ultimate fun read for both Brooks and I. Obviously, we are a little out of season, but it’s so fun when they mention all the fabulous places in FL… places I’ve been to… and so will the boys soon enough.

  10. The Snatchabook | I have been reading this book to Brooks since he was not even a month old. This sweet story is about a little creature who steals books, but don’t worry he works all night to turn a wrong into a right ;) This book is oh so fun to read, and I swear you can’t help but get into story. Though this book is longer than most, read during right time and the gorgeous illustration can hold my boys attention.

  11. Steam Train Dream Train Colors | As I mentioned above, I disdain books that are too simple. Kids are soooooo much smarter than we give them credit for, simply putting a naming a color in a book does not make a book. The Steam Train Dream Train family is a fan favorite, but this color book is a repeated classic in the house. From pink Hippos who blow bubbles to great big green dinos who roar when they ride… it’s fun, it’s clever, it’s worth the read.

  12. The Storbook Knight | I was actually on the waiting list for this books, because I knew I was going to be in love. It’s the same author and illustrator for The Snatchabook, which obviously made out must-have list. The little knight is sweet, clever, and oh-so fun… I could read this book over and over… which I do.

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