Hi. I’m Cathy.

Welcome to my blog. This sh*t is going to be to pretty basic… and by basic, I mean pretty f*cking fabulous! Enjoy, love!



You wanna know the truth about something? I’m tired… like go to bed at 8:30 PM wearing a cardigan and size large pajama pants cause who in the right mind would wear size small PJ’s while forgetting to take my face mask off kinda tired. But you wanna know something else?? I love doing all the things that make me so tired… like playing with my kids, going to the zoo (with my kids… not solo… I’m not a weirdo), cooking chocolate chip cookies from scratch on a Saturday afternoon just cause I had a craving, traveling to basically anywhere with a Marriott property (or Disney), working out (sorta), going to the pool first thing on a Sunday (cause kids), hitting up the local farmers market so I can get my empanada fix for the week, taking a stroll around the hood to get outside so I won’t have to re-fluff my fucking pillows again cause my kids keep jumping on them kinda things.

There’s such a fine line between doing all the things, and then not doing anything to ensure you’re doing life just right according to everyone else. Here’s my secret… this is my life and I truly do not care what other people think about it or how I should live it. I love my kids, I love my husband, and l LOVE fluffing my fucking pillows… cause wait for it… fluffed pillows make me happy!

On that note, welcome to my new blog! Where I plan to share the things that make me happy… the sweet indulges of my life that make it all worth it according to yours truly. I plan to share the good, the bad, and maybe even the hard times depending on what I’m going through (aka potty training currently… or lack there of). I want to document my kids, our travels, all the firsts we share as a family cause it means so much to me and I hope in some weird way it will help others find value in the life they are living.

I’m not saying this blog will be different…. cause it probably won’t… it will more than likely be somewhat basic to the other lifestyle bogs out there… sharing the same basic first birthday party decor items they got for their kids (BIG HINT to my next blog post)… but I don’t care. I care about what I like, and maybe… just maybe… there’s a group of people out there who care where I got that rustic pine cone garland from too! Cause those are my people! Cheers to you basic bias just trying to make your kids birthday party look like a fucking magical forest…. I see you… I respect you… and I want to drink wine with you!

Cheers loves… let’s do the damn!


Pic by the fabulous Jessica Fredericks!

Knox's 1st Woodland Birthday

Knox's 1st Woodland Birthday