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2019 Book List

2019 Book List

Chris and I cleaned out our garage the first of year… and we no joke found a tub full of my old books… so heavy we had to take them out one by one to actually move the tub.

I used to love to read, and then somewhere between moving to Florida, having two kids, buying a home… I lost my desire to pick up a book and get completely lost in it. I miss the feeling of not being able to put a book down because I just needed to read one more page, or finish the last chapter so I had the peace of mind of knowing how everything turned out for the moment.

I didn’t resolve to do anything this year. 2019 is going to be led with intention of making myself feel like myself… again. Having kids is hard, and being married has its tough times… you lose so much of yourself as a mom and wife because your will to give surpasses your need to receive. But I’m living 2019 with intention, and I intend to read more.

So, I did a little research… and my research I mean referred to the great Oprah for advice on what to pick up next :) Then I read through tons of Amazon reviews, then hopped on over to the New York Times Best Seller list to come up with me reads for the year! I’m not saying these books are good, but they are most likely to give me enjoyment… which is all I care about right now :) Cause Steam Train Dream Train can’t be the only book I pick up in 2019.

Enjoy, Loves!

  1. Little Fires Everywhere

  2. Where the Crawdads Sing

  3. Becoming

  4. Circe

  5. The Tuscan Child

  6. Matchmaker for Beginners

  7. The Light We Lost

  8. After You

  9. An Unexpected Guest

  10. Beneath the Scarlet Sky

  11. Behold the Dreamers

  12. The Storytellers Secret

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